Stop planning content the hard way.

Tejik is here to give you a competitive advantage in content planning. We’re offering a tool that organizes your thoughts and plans while allowing you to save time, stay organized, and get more done.

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Create more, reach more with Tejik

Everything you need to brainstorm, plan, and execute your content to help you build your brand.


Manage all your content planning in one app.


Visualize when you want to share content with a drag-and-drop interface.


Start with our built-in templates, then customize them to your brand.


Automatically assign tasks, set due dates, and more to allow you to manage your content easily.

Simplify content planning,

and manage your entire content strategy in one place.

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See all your content in one place and what needs to happen for each campaign.

Tejik App of statuses

Create custom statuses, templates, and social settings to work the way you work.

Tejik App of ideas

Organize all your content ideas in one place.

Tejik App of tasks

Customize your task checklists to ensure you don’t miss a step.

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Assign statuses to your team so everyone knows what to work on.

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Save time creating more content by setting up a system for automation.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Content Planning Made Simple

Say hello to a new way of content planning!